Urban Trees for the Port of San Diego

These sculptures are approximately 15 feet tall and created as part of the Urban Tree competition and year long rental exhibititions at the Port of San Diego. 

“The Shade of my Tree is for Passers-by; the fruit for the one for whom I wait”  The tree goddess is made of stainless steel and its displays a quote from  Rabindranath Tagore,one of India’s greatest poets.  The fruit held in the goddess’s upper hand is a four pound granite rock.  The inspiration for this desirable woman-tree was the artist’s daughter, Kricket.  Now located in the Wolfstein permanent collection at Scripps Hosital, La Jolla, California.

“Family Tree by the Sea” is glass and ceramic mosaic embedded in concrete.This sculpture is a  linked father and mother holding a child standing as one tall tree.  The father is stalwart  and strong supporting and protecting his family.  The fanciful mother joins in the embrace of the toddler.  The arms encircle the love.  The binary opposition of fragile, shiny glass and rough, solid concrete reflects on family-life conflicts and harmony.   It is part of the permanent collection in front of Scripps Hospital in Encinitas, California.

“One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” is concrete with ceramic, glass and shell inserts.  It’s title is a take off on Dr. Sues.  It  features a woman with fish for arms and tail finns for fingers.   Balancing on a pile of fish, she wears a red fish on her head and a motif  of multicolored for hair.  The ceramic pieces, glass and shiny metal sparkle in the sun in contrast to the subdued stained concrete finish.  Th sculpture is in the  personal collection of  Nate and Ralynne Wolfstein in Encino, California.

“The Shade of my Tree is for Passers-by; the fruit for the one for whom I wait”

“One Fish, Two Fish,         Red Fish, Blue fish”

“Family Tree by the Sea”

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