The artwork of Carolyn Guerra requires close scrutiny for full appreciation.  Her art represents an alternative to the dark energy present in much of today’s art.  If anything, Guerra’s art seems to possess an optimistic thrust; it reveals a psyche grappling with universal truths which go beyond the specificity of any age.  Thus in our age as never before, truth implies the courage to face chaos.  Mircea Eliade defines myth as”…a sacred history; it relates an event that took place in primordial time, the fabled time of the ‘beginning’…”  Guerra has turned to the myth as a point of departure for her expression.

Her work is full of paradox.  Guerra admits having spent much time reflecting on binary opposition, for she deals with these realities in her imagery.  She accepts the co-existence of order and chaos, good and evil.  She realizes that movement and growth are dependent on the ever presence of these forces in ourselves and in a greater universal spectrum.  To allow only one to exist would cause total stagnation and nothingness.

What is curious in her work is the symbolism ever present.  The space in which her mythic imagery is enacted is san expanse of sensuous colors, which allures the viewer.   However, this beautiful, ethereal space resembles deep, dark waters, filled with endless detail.  Alchemists gave the name of ‘water” to quicksilver in its first stage transmutation, and by analogy, also the fluid body of Man. 

The fluid body is interpreted by modern psychology as a symbol of the unconscious, that is, of the non-formal, dynamic, motivating female side of the personality.  Another meaning is identified with intuitive wisdom … Guerra’s meditation embraces her femininity as an artist, utilizes its uniqueness, in the hopes of penetrating deeper into the sea of life’s confusion.

Elaine King Nationally renowned critic and curatorAssociate Professor of Critical Theory & History of Art at Carnegie Mellon University

Elaine King crystallizes Guerra’s work in her recent comment...

“I like the blend of serious issues,

real technique and a sense of humor.”



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